Hi, my name is Chris and welcome to my one-stop marketing and communications shop called GrooGrux Creative! I am a father of two and a big Dave Matthews Band fan. In an interview, Dave Matthews once said that 'Groo Grux' meant "something that was happening, something that was cool, something that was amazing," and in my spare time I like to create some cool and amazing things too!

I’m a content specialist, designer and search engine optimizer. I have worked for the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club, two marketing and design agencies, I've run two businesses, I design and sell t-shirts online and I am currently the Director of Marketing for a Toronto-based insurance company.

I am wickedly passionate and designing websites and logos, creating ATS optimized resumes, writing content and auditing search engine optimization for websites is my jam. I love working with lots of different people and lots of different people love working with me too!

So, welcome to my little spot on the web. I encourage you to explore my services, read up on my experiences and contact me for your projects.



Website Design

Have an idea but don't have the time or resources to write your own content or create your own website?

Whether you are looking for a single landing page, or a multiple page website, I can help you with content creation, web design, domain purchasing and web hosting.

If you are looking for a brand new website, a website refresh or just an online resume or business card that is desktop, tablet and mobile ready, then look no further for affordable, professional services.

Resume Creation

Did you know that 75% of resumes go unseen by employers? I review your current resume and interview you to create an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) optimized resume.

Most companies utilize an ATS to manage their recruiting and hiring process, including job postings and job applications. It organizes and makes searchable information about job seekers. I use technology that uses artificial intelligence to extract keywords from job descriptions to optimize your resume. Your resume will get more interviews; the rest is up to you and how you wow the interviewer!

Content Development

Well researched and professionally written, I have 15+ years of writing website content, op-ed pieces, speeches, blog articles and social media posts. I have written for the Ottawa Senators, Gold Bar Whiskey, Henderson Security, Palladium Insurance, Requis, Horizant Solutions, Xactly Design and Advertising, Insurego Brokers Inc., the Centre for International Governance Innovation, Gladwin Self Storage, The Record, University of New Brunswick, University of Waterloo Imprint and many more.

T-Shirt Design

Planning a fun family outing or a big event once we no longer have to social distance ourselves? I've created logos and t-shirts for a number of different clients for events and family trips. I even sell some of my designs online at theenvyofyourfriends.com, so check it out and buy a t-shirt if you like my designs!

Website Search Engine Optimization Auditing

Most websites are not properly optimized with keywords, meta descriptions, optimized images and have broken links and images.

Using one of the most advanced and up-to-date website search engine optimization auditing tools out there, I review your entire website and determine the factors that are negatively impacting your site's 'searchability' on the web.

My audit report is in-depth and detailed, giving you the exact problems and links to fix. Most websites issues can be fixed at an hourly rate.

Social Media Creation/Scheduling/Posting

Do you have a small business that needs fresh social media content? Have ideas but no method to post them? Are you still one of those businesses yet to embrace Instagram and Facebook for promoting your products and services?

I've been writing social media captions, designing and scheduling social media posts for over 5 years and I'm fully capable of taking your business to a different level.

From images to video production, captions to engaging with your audience, I can manage your social media feeds.

Video Production and Ads

Using some of the coolest video production software, I create explainer videos, fresh social media content, videos for websites, blogs and YouTube, plus advertisements optimized for Facebook (16:9) and Instagram (1:1).

Tools That I Frequently Use:

Adobe In Design

Adobe Photoshop


SEO Auditor





MS Office






Deirdre Andrews

Digital Marketing Strategist

"I had the pleasure of working directly with Chris on several digital marketing and branding projects. I can say wholeheartedly that he would be an invaluable asset to any marketing team. He is an incredibly diligent and hard working manager with a keen eye for detail, in addition to being a very talented creative writer. Best of all, Chris has great sense of humour and team spirit which makes him a delight to work with! I sincerely hope to work with Chris again on future projects."

Daniel Julien

Managing Director and Recruiter

"I have always been impressed by Chris’ devotion to his customers and to the organization. He has treated each and every one of his clients with exceptional service, the type of service that someone can only dream of. His service is not generic; it is personalized to each account. I’ve seen him build relationships with his clients that are incredible to witness and complete tasks that involved multiple hurdles to satisfy his customers. He’s truly gone above and beyond his job description and has spent countless hours at ensuring that he not only achieved his goals but created fans for life for his work."

Robaire Nadeau

Lawyer and Mentalist

“I am a lawyer by day; mentalist by night (you know, Batman & Bruce Wayne). I met Chris Mustakas at a show I was performing at a couple years ago and ended up retaining him to be my social media guru. Best decision I ever made for my mentalism business (next to my lovely assistant, Katrina). Although we already had a great website, Chris made it even better. He breathed new life and energy into it. And he literally transformed my social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). He is creative, dynamic and engaging. He gets it. He works at understanding exactly what you do, and the message you need to project, to reach your desired market and drive clients to your business. Highly recommended. Five Stars!”

Alex Papineau

Director of Operations

"Chris is an absolute gem, he is a top performer and rockstar in his own right. If you’re currently looking for a digital marketing guru to help take your business to the next level, look no further!"

Cheryl Draper

Senior Marketing Strategist

"Chris is an intelligent, dedicated, customer-focused individual who goes out of his way to ensure all of his clients are provided with the best possible experience. He takes the time to get to know his clients both professionally and personally and this really sets him apart from many others. Chris's ability to create effective strategies leads him to deliver on his targets and he is always wiling to work late as needed."





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